Pantone Peach Echo Wedding Flowers


Tuscany’s Wedding Colours of 2016... Our insight ©2015

As Autumn draws its misty haze onto the luscious Tuscan landscape, We now turn our attention towards the luxury wedding styles that will seize and captivate us through 2016.

The Peach-Echo Colour on the Pantone Spring Colour chart leaps out at us with a vast potential range of fresh, vibrant flowers available to create scintillating and unique compositions for the destination wedding that you have always dreamt of. Feel your heart begin to flutter quicker as we use our years of Floral expertise to guide you through some available flower types that will make your Tuscan experience something that you will never forget!


Roses, Ranuculus and Amaryllis are just some of the magical selection of flowers available that have a depth of colour and size to create a stunning centre-point in blossoming styled floral bouquets and table compositions. Smaller flowers, such as Peiris or Astilbe, can add a glamorous range of textures and contrasts which can illuminate a Rustic style theme for your Tuscan Wedding.


For a cleaner and taller styled compositions, Tulips and Calla Lillies have a defined stem and a stand out form which will demand the attention in your wedding day photos. ©2015


With their original meaning of ‘perfect love,’ Dutch Tulips are a popular flowertype with beautiful all round proportions that can be used in an array of styles. Calla Lillies slender form can be used in a simple yet original composition which would look amazing against the rolling green hills of Tuscany. Taking their name from ‘beauty’ in Greek, they would truly add sophistication to your destination wedding of 2016.

A Tuscan Spring

A Spring Wedding in the Tuscany region would give you an exclusive option to select stunning types of flowers. Coral Peonies are only available at this time of year and gorgeous Hydrangea’s would look sublime under the Tuscan sun. ©2015

Complimenting tones

A Peach Echo tone can be paired and complimentedto great effect by Flowers and Succulents in the ‘Lilac Grey’ range. Why not integrate your special destination wedding with some of the fabulous produce of the marvellous Tuscan countryside? The depth of the olive leaves will entwine your location with it’s natural surroundings, perfectly captured by your professional wedding day photographer

Pantone Lilac Grey and Peach Echo @Pantone

A Peach Echo themed Tuscan wedding has a limitless range of flowers which can be adapted into any number of different wedding styles and arrangements. Taking inspiration from the the Pantone colour range, you will develop a optimistic and positive tonality to your destination wedding which, backlit by a fresh Tuscan sun, will make for stunning photography and memories of your magical destination wedding of 2016. ©2015


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Vera Wang spring 2016 Bridal collection


Wedding Dresses or Lingerie?


Possibly the most iconic designer of bridal gowns, Vera Wang has made her name with elegant, princess-worthy gowns every bride dreams of wearing. Then with her 2012 collection, Vera Wang shocked the world by sending black and nude wedding dresses down the runway. Pushing the envelope of traditional bridal wear, Wang has since experimented with color and shapes; however, her most recent collection is one of the most exiting and innovative yet. Here we take a look at the main themes of Vera Wang's Spring 2016 Bride collection.


Images © Vera Wang 2015


Vera Wang's vision for the modern bride is transparent – quite literally! The figure-hugging gowns in translucent tulle and lace showcase the model's yet again see-through Chantilly lace underwear.  The layers of transparency leave little to the imagination, as only bejeweled threads accessorize the stunning dresses. The collection is in contrast with the traditional image of bridal chastity, and transparency is Wang's new frontier in challenging the norm of wedding attire.

Images © Vera Wang 2015


With all eyes on her, the bride is the center of attention on her wedding day, yet Vera Wang's collection offers an intimate and private look at the bride. With minimalist makeup and undone hair, it seems that Wang's bride is not at her wedding, but still inside her boudoir – and the completely transparent designs feel more appropriate for the boudoir rather than the aisle. 

Images © Vera Wang 2015


The delicate fabrics and tight silhouettes make Vera Wang's Spring 2016 bridal collection comparable to lingerie. The tulle skirt with its visible seams is reminiscent of a petticoat, and the fragile quality of tulle and the sheerness of lace bring to mind the most luxurious lingerie garments. Contrasting black underwear beneath the sheer ivory lace is provokingly sexy and decidedly un-bridal.

Images © Vera Wang 2015

Images © Vera Wang 2015


The lingerie and transparency motifs bring out the sexuality of Wang's bride. To accompany her vision, the designer published a short film titled “Hotel Madrid.” The scenes of scantily-clad models in a stranded hotel are evocative of Madonna's “Justify My Love” and Beyoncé's more recent “Haunted” music videos, where sexuality takes center stage. However, Wang's bride looks not only sexy, but also ethereal and nonchalant – it is a subtle sensuality that saturates the Spring 2016 collection.

Images © Vera Wang 2015


As with her other collections, Vera Wang unites bridal with fashion: the elegant and classic non-sheer gown of the spring 2016 collection has trendy cutouts, the dramatic black gown exposes the model's midriff and features ostrich feathers, the dress with a mini skirt and tulle overlays is reminiscent of the It-girl and fashionista Olivia Palermo's modern wedding gown. Other dresses are accessorized with oversized bows and sheer panels, resembling contemporary red carpet gowns. 


Images © Vera Wang 2015

With her latest collection, Vera Wang keeps pushing the limits of what is acceptable in bridal. The transparency and lingerie quality of her gowns challenge tradition and the norm. Vera Wang shows a different perspective on wedding gowns and thus continuously reinvents bridal wear. The breathtaking dresses of her Spring 2016 collection are designed for a strong, modern woman who is fashionable and sensual. 

Images © Vera Wang 2015

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Top 7 reasons to get married in Tuscany

Italy is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world – it's no surprise many couples choose to get married here! There are many stunning places to consider when you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, but for many (including us) Tuscany tops the list. Here are our top 7 reasons to celebrate your wedding in Tuscany.


Photo by Milos Dokmanovic - FunkyBird Photography © 2015


If you are looking for a postcard view for the most important day in your life, Tuscany definitely has it. The rolling hills are so beautiful that they are a designated World Heritage Site, the historical towns with tiled roofs, the sunflower fields, the olive groves basking in sunlight – everywhere you look you encounter a breathtaking view.  Your wedding photographer in Tuscany will capture these romantic surroundings and create memories that will always bring you back to this beautiful part of the world.

Photo by Milos Dokmanovic - FunkyBird Photography © 2015


With its peasant origins, Tuscan food is simplicity at its best. Common ingredients are bread, mushrooms, legumes, vegetables, cheese, meat and seafood. Slow Food and Slow Wine movements are dear to Tuscany, and many stores and restaurants offer local ingredients from the surrounding farms and vineyards, calling it the “Km 0” produce. The abundance of food markets provide seasonal vegetables and fruit, and biological produce is favoured. Many popular wedding venues such as “AGRITURISMO” often serve their own wine and olive oil – in order to even be called agriturismo, the estate must use 90% of the used ingredients that come from the same region as the country house. Your wedding dinner can feature Tuscan dishes such as Panzanella (a popular summer salad of bread and tomatoes), or the famous Fiorentina T-bone steak. Whether gourmets ore just food lovers, your guests will enjoy every dish!

Photo by Milos Dokmanovic - FunkyBird Photography © 2015


We think that Italian wine deserves a separate entry from Italian food, because Tuscany is one of the most notable wine regions in the world. Boasting some of the best red wine, Tuscany is famous for Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. In line with the classics, other wines are getting more and more recognition, such as the cult “Super Tuscan” wines and the new Bolgheri wine region. In addition to the famous reds, Tuscany is also home to white wine Vernaccia and the popular dessert wine Vin Santo. Whatever your preferences, you will be spoilt for choice – and happy about the price tag of the local wine!

Photo by Milos Dokmanovic - FunkyBird Photography © 2015


Want a beautiful outdoor ceremony or a garden reception in the evening sunlight? Chances are, the weather in Tuscany will be sunny and hot! With a long warm season, you can celebrate your outdoor wedding anytime from May untill October, making it a perfect wedding destination. Although short periods of rain are possible, the Italian climate is usually dry and mild, so you and your loved ones can enjoy being Under the Tuscan Sun! And your wedding photographer can capture those moments without needing to photoshop blue skies into the picture.

Photo by Milos Dokmanovic - FunkyBird Photography © 2015


Weddings can be a stressful time, so follow the Italians' example and have a riposino! The relaxed lifestyle of the Mediterranean will not leave you unaffected, and sooner or later you will forget about the numbers and deadlines, and start enjoying lazy conversations while sipping a glass of wine. Italian lifestyle and culture will ensure you have a relaxed and carefree wedding, so let your Tuscan wedding planner handle all the stressful organization and enjoy the famous Dolce Vita!

Photo by Milos Dokmanovic - FunkyBird Photography © 2015


Whether you are dreaming of a real castle wedding or a romantic ceremony in a chapel, Tuscany has a variety of wedding venues to offer. You can tie the knot at a civil ceremony in the town hall of a historic village or you may choose a religious ceremony in one of Tuscany's beautiful churches. As for reception venues, the possibilities are endless: from charming farmhouses with a rustic feel to exclusive hotels that resemble palaces, from small villas that can host a magical intimate celebration to spacious country estates that can house a grand wedding party – whatever your requirements and budget, it will be easy to find your wedding venue in Tuscany!

Photo by Milos Dokmanovic - FunkyBird Photography © 2015


Iconic symbols of the Italian lifestyle, Italian cars are a cool and stylish transportation on your wedding day. You will feel every bit the movie star arriving at your ceremony venue in a vintage Alfa Romeo. And how about admiring your beautiful surroundings through the sunroof of the vintage Fiat 500? Or why not show your quirky side and choose a cute little Vespa - your wedding photographer will create lots of fun images with a prop like that! If you're brave enough you can go all the way and rent an ape – a less traditional wedding transportation, but every bit unique and memorable!