Over the years my company has grown quite a bit and what began with only a few weddings done from my living room on my own has now turned into something that I cannot do alone anymore. I’ve moved to an actual studio with lots of space to create floral arrangements and surrounded myself with talented people. I am now growing more and more enthusiastic of the idea for a FLOWER COLLECTIVE where the best florists will work together on weddings and projects. So here I present you with myself and two of my co-workers and together we will be more than happy to make your wedding special!



Sonja is an expert on arranging bespoke weddings in Tuscany. She creates elegantly styled events, tailored to meet your needs and helps you live out your dream wedding in Tuscany. "In a first meeting I talk to the bride and groom about their ideas and wishes, we see what is possible for the wedding location and venue and, where possible, visit the locations together. After this encounter I start sketching out ideas, suggest what flowers to use, how to add atmosphere, lights and candles. Every wedding we design is unique and custom made. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and put all my passion in your special day.



Since 1992 Ilaria has cultivated her passion for the kaleidoscopic world of flowers by studying and working both in Italy and in England. This allowed her to get in touch with numerous fascinating cultures, being able to develop her creativity and managing to interpret the most varied tastes and desires of her clients.

“A consolidated experience allows me to realize floral projects at all scales of intervention: from the small cadeau to the most complex set-up in every type of location. "



Giulia is a floraldesigner who uses flowers as if they were words or the colors of a palette.

“Flowers are the main ingredient of my life and I love telling your stories through a colorful and scented language. My work is inspired by nature and is in continuous growth and development to always find new ways to express my self and make a special day even more special and unique.”


We are looking for interns this summer. If you are enrolled in a flower program or specialist flower school and want to put your skills into action then please contact us HERE. You will enter a team of hard working, fun people with a real passion for their profession. 

STAGE LOPEN IN HET BUITENLAND? Kom naar Italie en maak deel uit van een geweldig team dat werkzaam is door heel Toscane. Wij hebben passie voor ons vak en willen jou graag nèt zo enthousiast maken! Klik HIER en vul het formulier in. Wij nemen dan snel contact met je op.