Moving Meditation for Slow Flowers Italy

Last spring I was lucky enough to witness and participate in Slow Flowers Italy. This movement started in 2017 and wants to promote the use of seasonal flowers from local producers. The founders are a group of floral designers and flower producers (La Rosa Canina, Puscina Flowers, Il Profumo dei Fiori, Flora Toscana) and I strongly recommend to take a look on their website HERE. For this year’s edition the small town of Monticchiello was chosen and dozens of volunteer florists and flower enthousiasts helped build the decorations inside this Tuscan pearl.

Being not only a florist, but also a yoga teacher I thought it would be wonderful if we could somehow combine the two and have the audience partake in this experience. Tommaso (La Rosa Canina) suggested we create a floral Mandala and it was a perfect fit to have people move inside it.

A big thank you to Slow Flowers Italy, Simon Borg Olivier (best yoga teacher ever :) FunkyBird Photography (best photographer ever :) Simona Nannelli and Giulia Pulcri (best friends and colleagues ever :)

Burgundy Flower Wedding | Nerina and Matteo

There is something I like more about dark red flowers than I do about other shades. I mean, all flowers are beautiful and different surroundings go with different hues. But when a bride asks me for dark, chocolate, wine-red, velvety florals, my heart just starts to sing. I get instantly exited about the daring challenge, the luscious and sexy opulence I have been given to create. Nerina and Matteo decided to put their trust in me with these parameters and the results are visible here below. All beautifully captured by Milos from FunkyBird Photography 

Maddy and Sam | Maremma luxury wedding in Italy

After a lifetime of friendship this beautiful couple decided to tie the knot in Maremma Tuscany on the beautiful wine estate of Conti di San Bonifacio. Maddy and Sam had been friends sinds middle school and their love is as beautiful as they are. There was such warmth and heartfelt kindness between both families and it was absolutely wonderful to see them come together.

Weather wise it must have been one of the oddest days of the year. All day long it was incredibly hot and I was amazed to see that the flowers didn't entirely bailed on me :) The usually delicate and fragile peonies proved to be the strongest flowers ever and were in even better conditions than the roses. Only moments before the ceremony a storm decided to pass right in front of us. As in: a curtain of black rain literally slided across the sky for approximately 20 minutes, but luckily it kept it's safe distance and then just disappeared, as if it had never just threatened to play tricks on te entire wedding. 

Maddy liked a lot of rose gold accents for the dinner table so the artisan Tuscan made candles with metallic finish were a perfect match. Lots of soft pinks, peaches and whites complimented the venue and olive green of the groves. 

The entire team worked so hard to make sure all the details were perfect and Milos from FunkyBird Photography captured everything very elegantly. Angelo la Torre sent us a beautiful cinematographic trailer which you can enjoy here: A special thank you to Bryony from Entourage for organising everything and inviting us into her team.