Iris and Tim, a San Gimignano romance

Iris and Tim came to visit us in Florence almost a year before their wedding, and we absolutely loved this quirky couple. They had so many ideas that were just a little different. Instead of 'cutting the cake' they wanted to 'scoop their gelato' and we were sò exited about the bride wanting to jump into the pool with her dress. We never imagined that the whole crew would jump in there with her! A true trash the dress at midnight :) The location was the wonderful church of S. Agostino in San Gimignano and of course we just hàd to walk around this gorgeous little town with our happy couple to take some pictures. And then the view, my oh my the VIEW! Sunset, Tuscany, San Gimignano in the distance on a hilltop, I don't think it gets a lot more beautiful than this.