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Pantone Peach Echo Wedding Flowers


Tuscany’s Wedding Colours of 2016... Our insight

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As Autumn draws its misty haze onto the luscious Tuscan landscape, We now turn our attention towards the luxury wedding styles that will seize and captivate us through 2016.

The Peach-Echo Colour on the Pantone Spring Colour chart leaps out at us with a vast potential range of fresh, vibrant flowers available to create scintillating and unique compositions for the destination wedding that you have always dreamt of. Feel your heart begin to flutter quicker as we use our years of Floral expertise to guide you through some available flower types that will make your Tuscan experience something that you will never forget!


Roses, Ranuculus and Amaryllis are just some of the magical selection of flowers available that have a depth of colour and size to create a stunning centre-point in blossoming styled floral bouquets and table compositions. Smaller flowers, such as Peiris or Astilbe, can add a glamorous range of textures and contrasts which can illuminate a Rustic style theme for your Tuscan Wedding.


For a cleaner and taller styled compositions, Tulips and Calla Lillies have a defined stem and a stand out form which will demand the attention in your wedding day photos.

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With their original meaning of ‘perfect love,’ Dutch Tulips are a popular flowertype with beautiful all round proportions that can be used in an array of styles. Calla Lillies slender form can be used in a simple yet original composition which would look amazing against the rolling green hills of Tuscany. Taking their name from ‘beauty’ in Greek, they would truly add sophistication to your destination wedding of 2016.

A Tuscan Spring

A Spring Wedding in the Tuscany region would give you an exclusive option to select stunning types of flowers. Coral Peonies are only available at this time of year and gorgeous Hydrangea’s would look sublime under the Tuscan sun.

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Complimenting tones

A Peach Echo tone can be paired and complimentedto great effect by Flowers and Succulents in the ‘Lilac Grey’ range. Why not integrate your special destination wedding with some of the fabulous produce of the marvellous Tuscan countryside? The depth of the olive leaves will entwine your location with it’s natural surroundings, perfectly captured by your professional wedding day photographer

Pantone Lilac Grey and Peach Echo @Pantone http://www.pantone.com/

A Peach Echo themed Tuscan wedding has a limitless range of flowers which can be adapted into any number of different wedding styles and arrangements. Taking inspiration from the the Pantone colour range, you will develop a optimistic and positive tonality to your destination wedding which, backlit by a fresh Tuscan sun, will make for stunning photography and memories of your magical destination wedding of 2016. 

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